At our center we provide nutritious and well-balanced meals and snacks. We DO NOT serve any food which might be considered as fast food such as chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc. or peanut butter, sesame oil or peanut oil.

We serve no sugar added juices on special occasions such as birthdays. All meals are prepared daily fresh on premises according to NJ Health rules and regulations. We also take into consideration children who have allergies and plan our meals to accommodate each child.


AM SNACKS consist of:

Milk, oatmeal, cereal with seasonal fresh fruit, waffles, pancakes,
french toast with eggs or fresh seasonal fruit, toasted whole grain
bagel, english muffin or toast with home-made jam.


Beef, chicken, turkey with fresh seasonal vegetables and brown rice or
sweet potato or whole wheat pasta, water.


Fresh fruit, yogurt with fresh fruit, crackers, cookies, rice pudding,
jello with fresh fruit and milk.