Welcome to Little Angels Family Daycare!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to LITTLE ANGEL’S FAMILY DAY CARE. We are delighted to share information with you here about our center.

We have been offering childcare for children from ages 6 weeks to 5 years old for many years. Our experience enables us to provide a perfectly balance curriculum for our students combined with activities that help develop a sound foundation in education. Our students learn while participate in a healthy, interactive and fun environment.

little00005Your little ones will be given quality individualized care in a “home away from home” atmosphere, where your child is guaranteed to feel safe, and happy while building confidence and positive self image around their peers.

Our schools philosophy is to create a nuturing atmosphere where we encourage discovery, exploring and daily social, emotional and physical development. We take pride in allowing each child to propel individually through curiosity  and creativity – ultimately becoming exceptional little learners for their future.


(6 weeks to 18 months)

INFANT A (6 weeks to 10 months):

We have created interactive playing environment where our teachers are not only nuturing but constantly engaging with your infant in a world wind of discovery using their 5 senses and monitoring their social and emotional development as they develop language and a range of motor skills.

INFANT B (10 months to 18 months)

As your infant continues to grow physically it is very important that they are constantly challenged daily. Our program allows each child to experiment with new sounds by using toy instruments and memorization as they are introduced our interactive circle time activity. You will see your infant copying actions, testing their memory and ultimately learning colors and shapes at a higher rate due to consistency of our exceptional teachers -all play has a purpose!


(18 months  to 30 months)

Throughout the day, our toddlers now begin a more intricate routine allowing them to focus on potty training, creativity and the social awareness of others. They will stretch their imagination as their attention span grows engaging in the sounds of music, story time, creative art projects featuring letters, shapes animals and numbers.


(2.5 to 4 years old)


The time that is spent with your early preschooler will provide a one of a kind experience for them where their activities are centered around advancing socially and learning with confidence. We delight in creating moments where your child will interact with their peers, through learning to share, appreciating each others differences, taking turns and expressing their feelings by communication and using their imagination. Our early preschoolers will learn to write, engage in science experiments and simple math including counting and learning patterns.


As your preschooler continues to grow whey will learn by copying and memorizing. They will learn to write and identify numbers, letters, using sentences and focusing on a “word of the day” Our teachers will work with each child on a level that suites them because we encourage each child receiving the necessary attention needed for success. Our activities will include imagination play by using puppets, dolls and blocks allowing each child to use their minds to create whatever they see.

little00013SENIOR PRE-K (4 to 5 years old)


This mile stone is very exciting for children as well as their parents.

Children are more mature at this stage.
They love to challenge themselves and the thrill of discovery makes them look forward to school.

Our days are full of exciting detailed development activities as our teachers prepare each student for success. In their senior year, our approach is to structure each weekly theme by making it fun creatively, using math, writing projects to create memorable lessons. We focus on patterns, rhymes, music, scientific experiments and explore a plethore of cultures to identify each others diversity as well as geography all over the world. Your child will also learn to identify states on a map as well as read sight words.

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