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Welcome and thank you for visiting Little Angels Family Daycare.
We are delighted to share information about our center with you here!

Offering childcare for children ages 6 weeks to five years old. Utilizing many years of experience working with children, we are striving to provide a perfectly balanced curriculum to our students – a combination of fun activities aimed to help develop a sound foundation for learning while establishing a fun, healthy and interactive environment.

little00005Your little ones will be given quality personal and individualized care in a “home  away from home” environment, where they can feel safe and happy and can begin to build confidence and a positive self image.

Our family center meets the licensing regulations established by the state of New Jersey for home daycare’s.
Ensuring the safety and well being of your child is our responsibility and we take it very seriously.

We strongly believe that our individualized approach makes a big difference and is superior to a larger size non-family daycare centers.


We created “home away from home” environment where your bundle of joys feel comfortable,
nurtured and protected while they become mobile, intellectual and develop social skills for
life time happiness and success with guidance of our loving caring staff.

-Motor Skill Development — grasping, clutching, movement
-Sensory Development — touching, feeling, listening
-Play and Rest

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We believe in Piaget’s theory on Cognitive Development which states
“toddlers cannot predict reactions; therefore they must constantly experiment and learn through trial and error.”
Our philosophy is letting children to learn by hands
– on experiences at their own pace where they have fun activities with their first friends.

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Our classrooms are designed to promote creative learning by including language and reading, dramatic play, math, science, sensory exploration, art, fine motor skills centers.
Our groups are small where our students can receive adequate emotional
and educational attention as a group or as an individual.

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At this point of their life, children feels like they are at their
home because they feel safe, loved and comfortable yet they also feel free to
feel to be whatever they would like to be. One day they are pretend to be an artist because of their painting

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This mile stone is very exciting for children as well as their parents.
Children are more mature at this stage.
They love to challenge themselves and the thrill of discovery makes them look forward to school.

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